Trangleball Rules, History, Tips & Equipment

A history of Trangleball, how to play, tips for improvement & necessary equipment

How to Play Trangleball

Trangleball is marketed as a team sport. In fact the official Trangleball web site says, "There is no "I" in Trangle ball... it is a team sport." The game consists of bouncing a softball sized ball off a trangle pyramid located in the middle of two circles. Players must catch, pass, and rebound the ball off the trangle, working with their teammates who are spread out around the circle in three different zones.

Trangleball History

The game of trangleball was created by Mark Miller on Fire Island, New York. The idea came out of Miller throwing a ball off the corner of his ceiling in his Brooklyn recording studio that he owns.

Trangleball Rules

Trangleball is usually played by two, four, or six players, with two players to a team. Trangleball can also be played one on one, two on two, and three on three. The trangleball field consists of a 14 inch pyramid in the middle of two circles. The inner circle has a radius of 14 ft, and the outer circle has a radius of 36 ft. Trangle can be played on hard court, grass, or sand.

Trangleball is most commonly played three on three. The court is divided into three sections with one player from each team in each section. The game begins by one player standing stationary and throwing the ball (rebounding) off the pyramid. The ball must hit the side of the pyramid that faces the server's section. The opposing player standing in the server's section must catch or deflect the ball to a teammate who must then catch it in their section. That player has the option to either pass or rebound the ball against the trangle. Players with the ball can only run in one direction. A maximum of three passes are allowed in between rebounds. A player in a different zone can play a rebound as long as their feet remain in their zone. Only the serving team can score unless there is an interception by another team. An interception occurs when a pass is stolen.

Scoring is recorded when the opponent:

  • Fails to catch the ball in the sector boundaries
  • Steps out of bounds with the ball
  • Throws or hits the ball out-of-bounds
  • misses a rebound

The first team to 11 points wins. If a player fails to catch two consecutive serves, the serve rotates clockwise to the next section.

Other variations include:

  • one-on-one
  • two-on-two
  • trangle soccer
  • trangle single-double-triple
  • trangle stoop ball
  • trangle off the wall
  • trangle baseball
  • trangle basketball

Trangleball Tips

Trangleball players can practice throwing and catching from different angles by throwing the ball off a corner of a building, and playing catch with friends.

Trangleball Equipment

Trangleball requires a pyramid held up by connecting plastic sections, three elastic sidelines, and a ball the size of a softball.