Kickball Rules, History, Tips & Equipment

A history of Kickball, how to play, tips for improvement & necessary equipment

How to Play Kickball

The rules of Kickball are very similar to that of baseball. However, instead of hitting a baseball, a Kickball player kicks a rubber ball. The goal is to score runs/points by running around and touching all four bases in order without getting out.

Kickball History

Kickball, also known as soccer-base or soccer-baseball, was invented in the United States around 1942. American World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle reported U.S. soldiers playing Kickball during the Tunisia Campaign, 1942-1943. Kickball is currently a playground and recreational game primarily played in North America. It is also a favorite game of youth in South Korea.

Kickball Rules

Ideally you want to have nine players on your team in order to fill all defensive fielding positions. One pitcher, one catcher, three players to cover each base, three out fielders, and one shortstop to cover the area between second and third base. A Kickball field is made up four bases in a diamond shape. Foul territory is everything outside of the line from home base to first base and home base to third base extending into the outfield. A team scores a run when a player touches all four bases in order and touches home base without getting out. The team with the most runs at the end of a game wins. A Kickball game lasts six innings. An inning is composed of each team coming up to kick once. A team continues to kick until they get three outs.

There are four ways for a player to get out:

  1. Strike Out: If a player kicks and fails to put the ball into play after three good pitches
  2. Fly Out: If a player kicks the ball in the air and it is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground
  3. Tag Out: If a defensive player tags or throws and hits an offensive player with the ball before they get on base
  4. A Force Out: If a defensive player gets the ball to a base before the offensive player arrives and the offensive player cannot return to the previous base because it is occupied by one of his teammates.

Some variations to these rules include:

  • Different number of innings
  • More or less players cover different parts of the field
  • No striking out
  • A team must step down after kicking one time through the order even if they have not yet reached three outs

Kickball Tips

Players can work on their Kickball skills by catching and throwing a Kickball against a wall in order to work on their fielding skills. They can choose a target and try to throw and hit it with the Kickball. Serious players can work on their base running by sprinting short distances.

Kickball Equipment

All you need for a game of Kickball is a rubber ball the size of a soccer ball and four bases. Bases can be composed of shirts, rocks, sticks, Frisbees, etc.