Broomball Rules, History, Tips & Equipment

A history of Broomball, how to play, tips for improvement & necessary equipment

How to Play Broomball

Broomball is popular in Canada and is like ice hockey, only without the skates. Similarly, Broomball has comparable tactics to floor hockey, and floorball.

Broomball History

It is generally believed that broomball originated in Canada, however there is no fully accurate history of the game. Recent research shows that a sport similar to broomball was played in Iceland in the 10th century. The sport was looked upon as warfare, and player deaths were not uncommon. Games could involve entire villages and last weeks at a time. The first recorded Broomball games in North America occurred at the turn of the 20th century in Canada. Minnesota was a hot bed for Broomball in the 1960's. Broomball is now popular in Australia, Japan, Sweden, Italy, and Switzerland.

Broomball Rules

A game of Broomball consists of two teams of six players, one goaltender and five field players. Broomball is played in a hockey rink on ice. Goals are six by eight ft wide. A game is composed of two, 18 minute halves. The object of the game is to score goals by hitting the ball into your opponents net with a broom. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins. A high broom is called when the ball makes contact with the player's stick above shoulder level. The guilty player is given a two minute minor penalty, where they have to leave the ice. The penalty becomes a five minute major penalty if the infraction causes an injury. Similar to ice hockey a team is offsides if a player is in the offensive zone before the ball.

Broomball Tips

Good broomball players can handle the ball well with their brooms/sticks. Players can practice their stick handling and passing with a teammate, or set up obstacles on the ice and practice maneuvering the ball around them. Players should practice shooting at the net from different angles.

Broomball Equipment

To play broomball each player needs a stick called a broom, made up of a wooden or aluminum shaft and a rubber molded triangle head, similar to the shape of a normal broom. Players need special rubber-soled shoes and hockey helmets. Goaltenders need a full face cage and body padding, and they are allowed a blocker, similar to that of ice hockey goalies. There are two variations of the broomball: An outdoor ball, that looks very similar to a small soccer ball, and an indoor ball, made of a hard orange rubber. Gloves can also help protect players from nicks and slashes from opponents.