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    Team "CODE RED" is now accepting athletic females for the upcoming Womens Flag Football season!
    Which means the inexperienced, the totally clueless, and the "I dont know anything about football" persons are encouraged to apply! As long as youre athletic and coachable, I will teach and coach this game to u within just a few practices!
    But if u are experienced, then thats a plus!
    We compete competitively in the Atlanta Womens Flag Football League (AWFFL). So if ur interested in playing please join the group and leave some contact information. U may also text, email or call Coach Michael Grant at 404-748-3718 or michaeldeangrant@yahoo.com with any questions, comments, or concerns. If u have a friend(s) who also wants to play, please invite her! All texts, calls, and emails pertaining to Flag Football will be answered immediately!
    This game can and will get competitive and physical!! Its not tackle...but not to far from it! in other words: ""NO CRY-BABY,POWDER-PUFF,POUTY-LIPPED,I-BROKE-A-NAIL,WUSSY LITTLE MAMA'S GIRLS ALLOWED''''!!!. Last but not least u hafta be mentally sound...bottom line! THANK U!!
  • Krista replied Sun, Jul 21

    Hey I am interested in being involved to play. Can you give me more details? send me an email to crosskrista24@yahoo.com Thanks!
  • Dani replied Tue, Jul 23

    sounds cool, whats up!
  • April replied Mon, Jul 29

    I would love to play! Can you give me more details. My email is april.umstead@yahoo.com!
  • April replied Thu, Feb 13

    If u ladies interested in coed softball call me April 404 254-8100
  • April replied Thu, Feb 13

    I have a forest park league on Tuesdays starting March 25 fee45$
  • April replied Sun, Jul 27

    If u ladies interested in playing coed softball then I have spot available on mon nights startn next mon....we have tryouts tommorw 7-830 Email me aprilprice40@gmail.com
  • Tiffany replied Sun, Aug 31

    Hello I am interested in flag football you can email me at Bellamy.tiffany@gmail.com
  • Melanie replied Mon, Sep 8

    Is it to late to join the team? If not, email me the details at lanie0101@yahoo.com
  • Gwen replied Wed, Sep 10

    I see the season started...seeing if you are still taking on players! Just joined this site
  • Trese replied Tue, Mar 10

    Contact me I'm all of the above qnephertiti@yahoo.com
  • April replied Tue, Mar 10

    If u ladies interested in coed softball Call me April 404-254-8100 Thanks
  • April replied Tue, Mar 10

    Games will be played every mon in hapeville starting third week in April. We have a pract scheduled for this sun at 11 in jonesboro Independence park
  • Yolanda replied Wed, Sep 21

    I'm interested in the flag football if it's not to late
  • Ronda replied Thu, Dec 15

    Hey im interested in flag football if it's not to late. My email address is rondajohnson45@gmail.com if not to late please advise me on all information
  • Tapaija replied Mon, Dec 26

    I would love to be apart of this email me tapaijahill@gmail.com please if you have anymore details
  • lacheryl replied Mon, Apr 24

    Hey I am interested in being involved to play. Can you give me more details? send me an email to leaseb2206@gmail.com Thanks!
  • kelly replied Sun, Sep 24

    Hey, I'm interested in playing, my email is kelly.kimble20@gmail.com.
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