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Posted Wed, Sep 6 by Lisa from Stone Mountain, GA in Players and Activity Partners / 10 replies

  • I'm looking for a Kickball team and/or games. If anyone knows of any openings, let me know...
  • Crystal replied Thu, Sep 7

    Hi Lisa, I am the Assistant Coach of a Kickball team in Jonesboro Ga. I have openings on my team. Please call me at 678-374-9702.

  • orlando replied Thu, Sep 14

    Hello, I am seeking great lady kickball players asap!
    Hit me up
  • Michael replied Sat, Sep 16

    Hey I live in Madison and am trying to do new things and would love get on a team!
  • James replied Sat, Sep 30

    Check out www.5StarSportsLeague.com

    We have Leagues and tournaments
  • Precious replied Tue, Dec 26

    There s an Off Season Draft Kickball that starts in January. It's in Decatur. I can send you the flyer via email if you like or you can text me at 719-229-5625
  • Taniesha replied Thu, Feb 1

    Hello I am looking for a kickball team in or near Covington,Ga
  • Taniesha replied Thu, Feb 1

    Yes, how much to start
  • Crystal replied Thu, Feb 1

    Hi Taneisha, My team is located in Jonesboro, GA. As a new player the fee is $110 which includes your jersey. Every season thereafter is $85. I'd love to have you on my team. Spring season starts in mid February. Call me at 678-374-9702 if you would like to play. We will be having practice soon and you are welcome to come out and check out the team with no obligation.
  • Taniesha replied Thu, Feb 1

    Hello crystal I called you I left a message feel free to call me when it's convenient for you let me know when the first practice I will come out
  • Crystal replied Thu, Feb 1

    @Taniesha, I got your message. I will give you a call on my lunch break around 1:30pm - 2pm
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