Adult Basketball League, Regular Pickup, Etc. Basketball

Posted Mon, Dec 18 by David from Ithaca, NY in Players and Activity Partners / 1 reply

  • Hi,
    Every once in a while I look into this but haven't had much success! I enjoy playing basketball but am not especially competitive or skilledā??just enough of each that I think I could contribute to a team or regular group and have fun! 25-50 is probably the age group that would work.

    If there's not something already existing that I could join (I work weekdays so daytime Mon-Fri is out), then I would be happy to help organize. The first step, though, is a place to play, and I don't have any immediate connections to a gym.

    I hope this works!

  • David replied Sun, Dec 31

    Iā??m interested, however I too have no connections to a gym. Let me know if you want to get something going, my email is
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