Winter 2012 Volleyball tournament Volleyball

Posted Thu, Dec 8 by Pierre from Grass Valley, CA in Leagues to Join / 2 replies

  • League Profile: Nevada county Adult Sports Assoc

    Winter 2012 4x4 Volleyball Tournament
    Grass valley vets hall. Co-ed Feb. 3rd & 4th Womens 4x4 & Mens 4x4 Feb. 7th & 10th For more Info go to 530-263-8777
  • Laura replied Sat, Dec 17

    I am interested in the womens tournament! I played in the GV parks and rec at the old highschool off park ave every spring. I guess it is not happening any more would love to play!!!! Let me know how I can join.

  • Carri replied Sat, Dec 30

    Hi, I would like to join a volleyball team, op-ed, 2018. Please keep me in mind if you have room for a new player. Thank you, Carri Prairie, 539-209-7671
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