Co Ed Volleyball teams in Riverside Volleyball

Posted Thu, Aug 19 by SANDY from Riverside, CA in Leagues to Join / 8 replies

  • SANDY's Volleyball league needs players on Thu, Sep 16 at 5:00 PM

    Looking for coed volleyball players for a new league in Riverside. Looking to start on Thursday evenings....630,
    730 & 830 game slots depending on number of teams.
  • ENIO replied Fri, Aug 20

    Are these games for beginners, intermediate or what. Also is there a fee involved, and how long are the tournaments?
  • kenny replied Thu, Sep 2

    HI, my is kenny and would like to join the league. Could you give more details. I live near the tyler mall and my thursday are free. contact by e-mail
  • SANDY replied Thu, Sep 2

    Games are for Intermediate/advanced players. The cost for each team is $210 to city of Riverside, so that's about $35 $12 per team each game for ref fees. What is your level of play?
  • kenny replied Thu, Jul 21

    HI, Sandy I would like to join your team if you still need players. thanks
  • SANDY replied Thu, Oct 6

    Hi Kenny,
    Apparently Riverside league was not able to get it together. So I am now looking to put a team together in Ontario on Wed nights. Does that work for you?
    Describe you best attribute on the court. Can you play upper division volleyball?
    Can you block well and hit well? How tall are you? The nets are 8 feet high and this league is very good.
  • kenny replied Thu, Oct 6

    HI,Sandy, that sounds good I'AM in. I am 5'10 and play at upper division. I can block and hit and have a pretty good serve. let me know. WED Night are good for me. thanks.
  • Jami replied Thu, Jan 26

    Hi sandy are you still looking for a player? I am 5"11 coached and played HS and travel volleyball, outside hitter and back row. I would love to join a team or be a sub. My ph 951 367 7754 you can text or call me.
  • Mark replied Sat, Dec 30

    Hey, this looks like a rather old thread but thought I'd throw this out there if any of you are interested. My wife and I are looking to start up a sand/beach league or weekly drop in open court kind of deal here in Riverside. Not sure quite yet if it'll be doubles, fours, or even sixes - may even do a couple different nights so that we can do a ladies night, men's night, or coed. Guess you could say we're both over the hill or out of our prime... lol, but with our son off to college in August, thought we'd have time to play again! If this is something that might interest you, please let me know and we'll find a better way to correspond the details. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
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