Adult Coed Volleyball Volleyball

Posted Sun, Jan 25 by Aubrey from New Smyrna Beach, FL in Leagues to Join / 8 replies

  • Adult coed volleyball @New Smyrna Beach city gym every Sunday from 3pm-6pm, must be 18 years of age to play, but it's open to the public and it's free to play.
  • taylor replied Sun, Jan 17

    Is this indoor?
  • DeAnn replied Wed, Jan 20

    Do you still need players?
  • Aubrey replied Thu, Mar 17

    Yes Indoor and open to anyone 18 and older.
  • Joey replied Sat, May 28

    Where? And are you guys interested in playing 2-3 man sand?
  • Joey replied Sun, Dec 25

    Taylor. My wife and I play and have the equipment to set up on the beach. We played last weekend in NSB. I'm nursing a irritated quad muscle, but would love to get people interested in sand v-ball. I prefer doubles or 3 man team.
  • Aubrey replied Sun, Jan 1

    Sorry, I like indoor better, but I have a friend his name is Taylor, who will play sand.
  • taylor replied Sun, Jan 1

    I'm surprised to see responses on this from a year ago hah. Can you message or add me on Facebook? I play indoor and sand
  • Joey replied Tue, Jan 2

    Taylor, are you still interested on sand this Wintery?.... After the cold snap of coarse.
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