Beach/Sand volleyball here in Riverside Volleyball

Posted Sat, Dec 30 by Mark from Riverside, CA in Games and Events / 0 replies

  • My wife and I are looking to start up a sand/beach league or weekly drop in open court kind of deal here in Riverside. Not sure quite yet if it'll be doubles, fours, or even sixes - may even do a couple different nights so that we can do a ladies night, men's night, or coed. Looking for players with sand/beach experience but if you're an intermediate to advance level indoor player, you can adjust over time. Guess you could say that we're both over the hill or out of our prime... lol, but with our son off to college in August, thought we'd have time to play again! If this is something that might interest you, please let me know and I'll send you our email to correspond directly. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
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